This is the interlude of the most recent fashion movie of OVER IT, Realising the Hostages, is the result of the first filming session of the project 1 Million and was filmed in São João between the housing project Fim do Mundo and the beach Praia da Poça. The interlude criticizes democracy, recognizing the several advantages that enable all that live under this regime. It aims to show that all society recognizes such, and independently of personal situations democracy is the way. OVER IT thanks all the residents of Fim do Mundo for receiving us with open arms and allowing us to get to know them. All characters are residents of the housing project and did not charge to be part of this, to all of them and eternal thank you.


 Interlude for the fashion film Releasing the Hostages

starring Bairro do Fim do Mundo

Directed by Martim Neves

Shot by Manuel Silva; Simão Burnay & António Galhardo

Creative Direction – Martim Neves & Jorge Ferreira

Editing – Simão Burnay & Manuel Silva

Styling – OVER IT

Production – Martim Neves & Jorge Ferreira

Princess from the “end of the world”

Movie characters


Bairro do Fim do Mundo

António Galhardo behind the camera